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Rescuing the Haxby Hedgehog

by Sarah on 4 December, 2016

Back in October, a resident posted to the Haxby Facebook page, asking advice about a juvenile hedgehog they had found curled up on a path during daylight. Another resident offered to take the hedgehog to the vet, while I got in touch with Emma, who runs a York based hedgehog rescue for advice. Emma couldn’t take him until the next day, so the hoglet (named Simeon by my children) stayed the night. We were very relieved when he uncurled and started moving around, drinking and eating; Emma thinks he was hypothermic and having a hot water bottle, food and water saved his life.

Simeon weighed just a little over 200g when he was found (hedgehogs need to be at least 650g before hibernation). Emma treated him for parasites, and he was soon gaining weight nicely, so he came back to Haxby for foster caring.

Simeon when he came back from the rescue.

Simeon when he came back from the rescue.

He lived in my kitchen for a few weeks, until he got to over 750g, and he’s now in a secure and sheltered pen in the back garden. Today he weighs a whopping 900g! We hope that he will hibernate soon; he’ll be released in the Spring, all being well. It could have been a different story if Haxby residents hadn’t come together to save the Haxby Hedgehog!

Hedgehog numbers are declining rapidly in the UK. You can find out more about how to encourage Hedgehogs into your garden, and other ways of helping at Emma’s blog.


Simeon is a hefty 900g today, and he's built a beautiful nest. Hopefully he'll hibernate soon.

Simeon is a hefty 900g today, and he’s built a beautiful nest. Hopefully he’ll hibernate soon.


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